We are particularly adept at complete bathrooms which can present unique challenges compared to a kitchen for example, if not for the very fact that in many cases working space is very limited inside bathrooms. We have a very well defined workflow model for bathrooms as they can encompass many water features and layouts, a variety of shower surrounds and Pans, a variety of tile and stone approaches, built in shelving, medicine cabinets, closets, rough and finish electrical, flooring, ventilation, painting, and rough and finish plumbing, all in a moist environment. In bathrooms, more than any other room, thoroughness, workflow planning and attention to detail truly pays dividends in terms of both aesthetics, clean-ability, and durability. Bathrooms can often have prior water damage or mildew and mold issues which can be uncovered in the demolition. Here at Colorado Home Remodeling we know how to incorporate all of these considerations into efficient workflow. Aesthetically, we love the diversity and range of styles and appearances that bathrooms can achieve.

A sampling of bathroom & kitchen projects.

Possible Bathroom Styles: (Including basic functional bathrooms)

  • Country Stone French
  • Southwest Tuscan
  • Spa European
  • Spanish Eclectic
  • Rustic Colonial
  • Traditional Romantic
  • Contemporary Sleek
  • Shabby Chic Mediterrranean
  • Beach & Nautical Japanese
  • Arts and Crafts & More……..

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If you’re considering a bathroom remodel or a brand new bathroom installation, you’ll need to browse ideas and options for bathroom styles. With research, you’ll be able to find a bathroom style that expresses your personal aesthetic preferences and matches or complements the prevailing design in your home.

If your style personality is more straightforward and less experimental, your bathroom decorating style may lean more toward the classic or traditional. Historical styles like colonial are often categorized as traditional, and styles from the early 20th century like Arts-and-Crafts and mission may also be included in this category. In general, traditional styles follow a more historical rulebook, featuring period-authentic touches when it comes to fixtures, tile and even color schemes.

As a contrast, modern or contemporary bathroom styles often incorporate the angular corners and flowing curves of midcentury modern design. They often feature contrasting patterns and textures to create an up-to-date design that feels simultaneously classic and forward-looking.
Eclectic bathroom styles are also quite popular, and they have a tendency to seamlessly combine disparate, seemingly unrelated elements for a striking, playful and visually interesting design. Geometric tile might contrast with pastoral scenes on wallpaper. Meanwhile, a claw-footed tub might anchor a design that also features unique and interesting artwork and decorative items displayed alongside essential supplies on shelving.

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Many homeowners also find a rustic, country-style bathroom appealing, seeing it as an opportunity to “bring the outside in” with the use of unfinished or reclaimed wood for cabinets or furniture as well as other natural elements like plants and flowers. Sturdy, classic porcelain tubs and toilets, as well as decorative patterns like toile, gingham and plaid on wallpaper and linens can further unite the design in a down-home theme.

Romantic, European or Victorian designs are also quite popular bathroom styles. These bathroom types often feature a softer, more whimsical approach, with tufted seating and light, soft colors like pinks and light yellows or blues. Mirror frames are often gold or silver and may feature elaborate flora and fauna designs.
Other homeowners may opt to emulate a specific regional style with the bathroom. Tuscan bathrooms, inspired by the Italian region famed for its relaxed elegance, may feature earth tones and terracotta tile for flooring as well as signature wall colors — burnt oranges and yellows and rusty reds are popular. French-style bathrooms often feature elaborate tilework, in contrasting dark and light colors, along with study wooden furniture and mirror frames for a style that’s at once welcoming and elegant.