With the number of fixer-uppers available in Northern Colorado, aspiring homebuyers have some flexibility. Instead of opting for an apartment, this group now has a better opportunity to call themselves homeowners much quicker than originally thought. Fixer-uppers sound ideal at first, but often require help from a professional home remodeler.

At Colorado Home Remodeling, our team strives to make your new house a home. That could mean general remodeling, kitchen/bathroom remodels, general renovations, carpentry/framing, as well as painting/handyman services. But once you first step foot into your home, it can be more than a challenge trying to figure out which task should be completed first. For fixer uppers, in particular, consider this checklist, with the highest priority items listed at the top:

  • Figure out the floor – You may choose to either replace your floors completely or just refinish them. Either way, keep in mind that the flooring is often the first thing that visitors will notice. Homeowners tend to go with hardwood floors most often, but remember that there are plenty of attractive tile options as well. If you have minimal experience with flooring, it’s a good idea to consult our team. We can tackle both floor installation and floor refinishing based on your needs.
  • Move to the bathrooms – We understand that bathrooms can often have prior water damage, as well as mold and mildew issues. Even so, we can achieve beauty and comfort in a bathroom remodel. Despite the complexities, our team puts in the workflow planning and attention to detail that’s necessary to complete a bathroom that’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and durable.
  • Add some fresh paint – A new coat of paint can really pull the look of your home together. Plus, it provides the personal touch that you want in your living space. At Colorado Home Remodeling, we offer paint repairs, refined painting jobs, solid color painting, complete interior painting refinish and restoration, and more.

From helping check items off your honey-do list to major home renovations, see what we can do for you. Call Matt a call today for your free consultation.