Hello, I’m Matt, and this is my wife, Shelly.  We both love living in Colorado and enjoy hiking, snowshoeing and roasting s’mores over a crackling fire in the mountains. You can also find us walking our dog, Wiggins, everywhere. We rescued him from the humane society, and he definitely keeps us on our toes and moving. The newest addition to our family came in August; our son Avery is an active and joyful baby.

I grew up within walking distance of the ocean in Jamestown RI, and attended a maritime-oriented high school in Massachusetts, graduating from the University of Vermont in 1994. Later in the 90’s, I was a two-time National Collegiate Scholar in a biochemistry curriculum at the University of Rhode Island. There were other career experiences at banks, engineering companies, a defense contractor, a social services organization, restaurants, and 2-3 days a week playing organized amateur soccer, a sport that I love. I am a World Cup Junky, but not a Hooligan…I promise! I also play Club Chess when time allows in Denver, and attend St. Ambrose Church in Lafayette when able. Lap swimming is something that I need to find again!

I’ve been doing remodeling, carpentry, bathrooms, decorating, and home improvement renovations and handyman work of all kinds since the late 1990’s, and have a proven track record of integrity and reliability; Colorado Home Remodeling is essentially a boutique remodeling service. We are extremely adaptable to a variety of tasks and environments. I have worked for and with decorators, property managers, realtors, home owners, and other contractors at various times in my 20 years in this business; and well over 1000 customers during that time.

Remodeling seemed the most natural condition for me, and here I am. Building is uniquely human, and the enjoyment of seeing a finished, polished, and beautiful result never ends. I asked a customer why he hired Colorado Home Remodeling, and he said: “Matt, you are human.” Remodeling and renovations can be an alienating endeavor at times, with difficult and long days; but our remodeling team certainly brings a warmer sense of humanity to the experience than what you might otherwise expect. Perfect we are not, but genuine we are. You will find us to be disciplined, conscientious, responsible, practical, and cohesive. A lively sense of humor has proven to be a good balance on those extra rigorous days. Many times Colorado Home Remodeling provides good-old labor service, with gloves, a lot of sweat, and a jug of water. No problem. We like to work outdoors as much indoors; a lot of jobs have elements of both. Give us a call and we are always excited to see what project is next. Thank you for stopping by! –Matt