Welcome to Colorado Home Remodeling. I’m Matt, and I’ve been performing and managing remodeling, carpentry, decorating, full renovations, and home improvement work of all kinds since the late 1990’s. I have a proven track record of integrity and reliability. I’ve personally been in well over 1000 homes in 20 years, on jobs of all sizes.

Colorado Home Remodeling Services takes on both traditional and non-traditional remodeling requests. The variety is what keeps us fresh. Our team can include as few as 2 of us, frequently 3-5, and as many as ten or more different skill sets, vendors, and services, depending on the need.

The tight contractor network we have worked hard to develop pays great dividends for our more involved jobs where communication, reliability, and trust are paramount. We excel at many things, including bathrooms (from scratch or remodel), garage conversions, distressed properties, decorative level interior finish work, full remodels, and carpentry assignments of many types.

With our team members each doing the trade and task they do best, you can be assured that there is never over reach, and jobs are much more likely to be done on time and on budget. In addition, decisions are properly made by an authority in their trade in residential remodeling. We also collaborate extremely well amongst ourselves.

Our jobs are professionally administered with a proven methodology. We also bring a culture to a job that is a balance of focus and esprit de corps that is very important to our final results. We understand the nature of job fatigue that can set in on an extended project, particularly when the home is occupied.

With seasoned and emotionally mature tradesman and remodelers we transcend many of the regular obstacles that can cause division and miscommunication on a project. Customers run the gamut from first time renovators to those who have hired contractors many times. Our jobs range from 4 hours of work, to 4 months for single family homes and rental properties.

Please feel free to call us about any need. Throughout the course of a year, Colorado Home Remodeling needs all types of assignments to continue to grow a healthy business. Every job is a little bit different, and that is what makes this enjoyable for us, drives us, and keeps us fresh and effective.